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Deb Petersen

Thank you everyone for this wonderful work of heart.

28 December 2003 - montville, ohio

perry miller |

i am building a 16x18 tractor shed. it stands 12' high. it's covered in rough sawn lumber and i want to paint the mail pouch logo on one of the ends. can anybody tell me what colors to use for the yellow letters and the blue trim? we have a sherwin williams store in town, but they were of no help. i would appreciate any help, thankyou.

12 December 2003 - norwalk ohio

lois |

our son was looking for pictures of barns when he and his girl friend made a MailPouch gingerbread house. imagnie his surprise when he found the picture of our old barn at Mineral Wells wv. #mpb 48-54-02. thanks so much the site is great

27 November 2003 - mineral well, wv

Karen Hensley |

I found your site to be just wonderful! I hope to see as many covered bridges and old mills as I can, whether it be when I go on vacation, or after I retire someday. Your site is very informative.

22 November 2003 - Washburn, TN

John Troesser | |

A very beautiful site with a lot of hard work evident. We would like a reciprocal link if possible - you can link directly to our water tower page (about 45 images)if you like. Sorry there aren't too many barns down here.

20 November 2003 - Fayetteville, Texas

Shelley |

Your web site is wonderful and I would like to know how I could possibly get a sign or stencil so I can put on my ex-large storage barn??? Please let me know

20 October 2003

Brian McKee | | N/A

This is a very impressive web site! I could spend hours looking at all of the photos and information. You can bet I'll pass it along to all my friends! Great work!

19 October 2003 - Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Max Koop |

The website is awesome. i have spent hours looking at all the pictures. i really enjoy seeing buildings being used for something artistic. my family has a round barn on this web site.thanks keep up the great work.

16 October 2003 - i live in jackson county, (state of Indiana)

Nick Fetchina |

Very interesting site. Really enjoyed and keep up the good work.

13 October 2003 - Indiana

Jenn Tillman |

Thank you so much for your gas station pictures. I have been searching the internet and books for vintage ones. My mother and I are painting a mural of a gas station and train depot in my sons' bedroom. We found your pictures very helpful.

12 October 2003 - Charleston, SC

Mary Radcliffe

I love this site.We use it to find Mailpouch barns when we travel.Bi-cent. site is great also. Keep up the good work.

28 September 2003 - Toledo,Ohio

Myrna Singer Casey

Wonderful site,I really enjoyed looking at all the barns. Do you put only advertising barns on your site? My ancestors barn is still standing just outside Ruggles, the old Underhill farm on hwy 124 I think. It must date from the late 1800's.

25 September 2003 - Tacoma, WA


Webmaster comments: -  Many different types are displayed here. Something unique about the barn is usually required.

freddy brown | | coming soon

you have a great site and it has been a great help. I am intrested in the rock city barns and have enjoyed seeing them. our local paper said last week that there were about 90 barns left. hope we can get more information from viewers. i will be adding about 4 or 5 barns in a few days.

22 September 2003 - east central alabama

Nancy K. Paul |

I have a client who is looking for a hand hewn barn to buy and disassemble and move to his area to use as a base for a home he is hoping to build. We live in Texas so we are open to finding one almost anywhere. I am from Ohio and I remember all kinds of great barns and wondered if anyone had any ideas on websites or sources for finding barns for sale.

11 September 2003 - Texas

sherry binkowski |

to mr. sanford in regards to your question. go to and click on barn stories. find "A Barn Raising Experiece". this is an article about a lady who restored her barn by a man named Pat Stilt from the J.P. Stilt Barn Restoration Company from Freemont Michigan. i hope this helps. if you need me to,i might be able to contact the lady who wrote the story as she does not live far from me. good luck!!!!

3 September 2003 - michigan

Jeffrey A. Sanford |

I have purchased MPB 35-61-06 with the intent of restoration. Having watched this barn decay rapidly in the last few years, I made the decision to purchase it with the intent of restoring it. I was unable to purchase the property so this structure must be moved. I have fixed the roof and cleaned the barn out to prepare for numbering for movement. Does anyone have any contacts who may have advice, perhaps professional advice as far as dismanteling and reconstruction. This is a project I wish to start this fall, once the weather cools.

3 September 2003

Mark Brandt |

WOW!!!!Mike you have added so much to the web site. It is such a great enjoyment to look at all that is out there from just you web site. Without a doubt the best looking and best organized on the web. Keep it up. mark

21 August 2003 - Chattanooga Tennessee

Chris |

To my understanding....Bloch Brothers at one time had published a brochure showing the locations of Mail Pouch barns...if this is true,

Where could I find this?...(I'd even settle for a xerox copy)Also..were there ANY or still are Mail Pouch barns in virginia?

Thanks in advance...


16 August 2003 - Va

Cyndi Miller

I love looking at the "history" of each sign. I now live in Texas and I really miss seeing these!

12 August 2003


This is a wonderful site that every current and former resident of Ohio should see. I truly loved it.

11 August 2003 - Brewster, Ohio

Nancy K. Paul |

I have a client who is looking for a hand hewn barn to buy and disassemble and move to his area to use as a base for a home he is hoping to build. We like in Texas so we are open to finding one almost anywhere. I am from Ohio and I remember all kinds of great barns and wondered if anyone has any ideas for finding barns for sale.

11 August 2003 - Texas

Kim Longfellow | |

Your site has really grown over the months. First visited when you had just started putting the Ohio Bicentennial logo barns on the site... Wow, what a difference.. and I mean that in a good way. You've done a lovely job and hope you know how many appreciate your efforts and achievements. My husband and I were a couple of the barn groupies of Scott Hagan and the Ohio bicentennial logo barns. We managed all 88 counties and saved our memories to share with all who were interested. Our photos became one of three of the posters licensed by the Bicentennial Commission. We also met some wonderful people that have invited us to become part of the MailPouch barn fans. It was wonderful seeing Ohio and a lot of its beginnings on this adventure. Thanks again for your site and all who see it, share in it, and continue to keep it going!!!

4 August 2003 - Columbus, Ohio

Ruth Goble |

This is a wonderful web site.

A gold star for the programer.

30 July 2003 - Bellville, Oh.

Larry |

What a nice site.Spent the better part of the afternoon looking.Grew up in Wheeling, Wva. Living in Calif. since 67.


27 July 2003 - Costa Mesa,Ca

Bob Ward |

What a great idea to paint barns as an honor to Ohioans celebatring 200 years of history! And what a neat website. It should be more widely publicized,

25 July 2003 - North Carolina

Judy Fruth |

I was very disappointed that you do not have all the covered bridges. I have been taking photographs of them for several years, and noted that you have very few on your web site. You never listed "Goat Island Bridge" in Minnesota. Several others in Maine, Alabama, Oregon, and New York were left out as well, to name a few states. Please let me know when you plan to complete your coverage of covered bridges. I would be interested in seeing what you have done. Happy hunting for those bridges that are "hard to find" and are located off the main path.

15 July 2003 - Minnesota

Todd & Jill

We stumbled upon your website while hunting Ohio Bicentennial Barns!! Great site!! 40 down and 48 to go!!

11 July 2003

Mel and Jane Lane |

Jane and I stumbled into your site while trying to decide what to paint on the side of our newly acquired barn. We gained inspiration from many of the photos displayed here. I am sending pictures of the flag my wife painted on the barn yesterday, Thursday the 3 of July, 2003. Just in time for the 4th and a family reunion. We would be proud to have it join the many good looking pictures on your site.

I took the pictures, Jane did the drawing and painting. She used a technique called "Dry Brush" in order to make it appear as if it had been painted many years ago.

4 July 2003 - McCordsville IN


Webmaster comments: -  You can see the pictures they sent in, goto: Other Barns --> Patriotic Barns --> Flag Barn (Handcock Co - IN) - Thanks Mel and Jane.

Bob Hamilton |

Fantastic page, excellent pictures! I'd love to learn more about the history of barns in Ohio and the mid west.


28 June 2003 - Wichita, KS

Cory Stewart

I liked the covered bridges

26 June 2003 - Taylorville, IL

Lois S. Weinman |

Wonderful "site". One photograph is better than the last and they are all fantastic. Gives me some great ideas for my watercolors. Have always had a penchant for "Barns". Hopefully they will not all disappear from our landscape. Thank you for sharing.

21 June 2003 - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Fred and Brenda Copeland |

We have become so excited about barns since our purchase of a mini farm in 1998. The old barn certainly has endeared herself to us. We were able to attend the Friends of Ohio Barns 4th convention and learned many interesting things such as how to date our barns age. We had been chosen to be the Bicentennial barn for Miami County in 1999 and have had a great time sharing our barn with our community with dancing every week. Now we are planning an event for the community to be Oct. 4th, 2003 and must hurry to finish come new internal construction. Money is always an issue but our love for the old structure overcomes that somehow. We have had small miracles happen to assist in her reconstruction. We Ohioians must save our barns.

6 June 2003 - Miami county at 4080 State Route 48, West Milton, Ohio


I was happy to see the picture of the Ashland Bicentennial Barn #2 (the unofficial one). My great-grandfather and grandpa built that barn in the 1940s--one of many in the area. Wish I knew more about which ones. Neat site! Love old barns.

2 June 2003 - Ashland, Ohio

Sue |

I am getting married and I am having a western wedding and I am looking for a barn to get married in. Does anyone know of a barn to rent for a wedding and reception? Anywhere in Northeast Ohio area.

29 May 2003 - Northeast Ohio

Sheila Ferrell / Signs |

What a great site! Especially for the talented and gifted people who create such work! Is there any way to find out who the artists/creators of these works are? Wish it was in the "notes" section or something... Will try to send a picture soon of the giant peach water tower in Clanton, Alabama. It is VERY realistic and well done. It even has a big peach leaf attached! Clanton, Alabama is the home of Chilton county peaches, some of the best peaches in the world, we think! Thanx again for such an amazing site!

18 May 2003

Christine Hall-Keller |

I have loved Mail Pouch barns for many years & now thanks to your website I can find so many more. I have seen many of the barns in my area & found some I didn't know were even there. This is great. My father found this & couldn't wait to show me - now I'm hooked. My favorites are the very old, practically falling down MP barns - I wish I could save them all for everyone in the future to see. Even my 15 year old son thinks its neat to look for barns (even though he has teased me for years that I'm "weird about those stupid barns" but now he looks just as hard as I do! Thanks again for a great site!

18 May 2003 - Alliance OH

Roland James |

I am an architect and I have been asked "What is that pointed overhang at the peak of a barn roof called?" Where the hoist for the loft is attached. I have come across one book that calls this detail a 'hood'. This seems OK, but I think there is probably a more specific (older) name for it. Any information is appreciated.

9 May 2003

Terry Shreffler |

What a great site! I found it during the winter after I retired. I've been taking pictures of Mail Pouch barns for almost 18 years now.

I received my membership last week and plan on submitting a couple of pictures that you don't have on the web. The updates to the website are great.

I own a GPS, so will have fun locating the barns.

7 May 2003 - Columbus, OH

Dale Frangos |

What a joy it was to find your site! I appreciate your work and effort to make and keep it current. Best wishes to you.

29 April 2003 - Mentor, Ohio



28 March 2003 - BROOK PARK

Rob Hupp | |

I would like to thank Mike MacCarter for allowing the Central Association of College and University Business Officers (CACUBO) to use his photographs of the Ohio Bicentennial Barns during our annual convention at Columbus, Ohio in October 2003.

Having the convention in Ohio during its Bicentennial celebration has given CACUBO the opportunity to show other college and university business officers, outside of Ohio, the uniqueness that makes Ohio great.

Mike's photographs will add the perfect touch to our convention floor contest.

25 March 2003 - The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio


Webmaster comments: -  Glad to help Rob. Hope it is a successful convention.


I'm doing research - your page was very helpful. What beauty the old barns are.

19 March 2003

cheryl enyart |

I stumbled upon this page and stayed and stayed and stayed. I love Mail Pouch barns, I made me a birdhouse Mail Pouch barn from Memory. Just think I could have looked here and had all sorts of them to choose from. I also love covered bridges. I am so sorry to see so many gone . That is a real part of the american culture. Barns and Coveredbridges

18 March 2003 - Gallipolis, Gallia Co. , Ohio

Suzanne Allen |

Just read about Rick Campbell and his barn photos in the Morrow Co. Sentinel. He mentioned this website. It's great! My cousin, a fellow teacher, and a couple other friends are trying to take photos of all the Ohio Bicentennial barns. We're scrapbooking them for local Bicentennial events.

26 January 2003 - Mt. Gilead, Ohio